If you had chosen John VIII in the office pool

  • …for first pope to be assassinated, you’d be the winner.  Kelly says that the Annals of Fulda say that John VIII was poisoned by members of his entourage, then clubbed to death in 882.
  • I’ll try updating this through the day.
  • I have been assimilated.
  • The Center for Cistercian and Monastic Studies at Western Michigan University has digitized the Cistercian newsletter/journal “Liturgy”, edited by Chrysogonus Waddell from 1966-1999. It’s all there, online and free!  I’m downloading all 90 pdfs so I don’t have to go through the clunky interface.
  • Rome Sweet Rome: it all started with a question on reddit.
  • OK, Gilgamesh is going a bit better than I anticipated after that puerile first tablet, and even that one had a neat insight about the civilizing effect a woman (the temple prostitute Shamhat) can have on a wild single half-man (Enkidu).
  • The 14yo finished Gilgamesh after supper tonight.  I’m giving him tomorrow to let it percolate before he begins working on his intermediate assignment, which is to write a few paragraphs on three selected tablets.  The 12yo should be able to do her reading tomorrow.  We have both the straightforward academic translation by Maureen Gallery Kovacs and the verse Englishing by David Ferry; the latter is a more comfortable read while still telling the same tale.  That’s the one the 14yo finished this evening.
  • One reason not to read Harry Potter: it prepares one to read Stephen King.

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