JSTOR opens content!

Today’s reading:

  • Popes Romanus (897), Theodore II (897) and John IX (898-900).  After the eventful afterlife of Pope Formosus and the sudden death of Pope Stephen, we had three more popes in quick succession.  Meanwhile, Rome was racked by civil war between the Formosans and anti-Formosans, and most of the records we could have received from that time were destroyed.  Romanus reigned for twenty days, Theodore for two months and John for two years.
  • I read more excerpts from the Ancrene Riwle, a 13th-century Anglo-Norman monastic rule for anchoresses, and found it so full of authentic Catholic wisdom, goodness and peace that I need to print out the whole thing for a good reading.  I’m looking into the LaTeX pdfpages package to get a 2-up printable version of the Google Books pdf.
  • JSTOR has opened its out-of-copyright content to the public – basically, anything published in the US before 1923 and anything published anywhere else before 1870.  It’s a start.

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