Even less reading today

  • Three popes this morning: Sergius III (904-11), Anastasius III (911-13) and Lando (913-14).  Sergius was a piece of work; his reign begins what Kelly calls the “pornocracy of the Holy See“.  Moving right along, Anastasius seems to have been an inoffensive old gentleman, and nothing is known of Lando’s 6-month reign except that he endowed a cathedral in memory of his father.  All three seem to have been creatures of Theophylact, senator, consul and treasurer of the Holy See.
  • After hearing yesterday of Michael Hart’s death I downloaded the most recent Project Gutenberg DVD and am having a good time wandering through it and marveling at what Michael did and inspired.
  • And that’s it for today.  I’ve been swamped with a couple of urgent projects for work.

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