A bit of reading

  • More popes: John X (914-28), Leo VI (928), Stephen VIII (929-31), John XI (931-35) and Leo VII (936-39).  Not a bad bunch overall, but completely dominated by Marozia, once the 15-year-old mistress of Pope Sergius III and, by him, mother of Pope John XI.  She was also senatrix, patricia and absolute ruler of Rome.  Most of these guys, except for John XI, were competent in ecclesiastical affairs and aided the Cluniac reform of monastic life.
  • Are jobs obsolete?  It’s an interesting contrast to the President’s notion that the government can create jobs.
  • The local newspaper remembers Michael Hart.
  • Read a bit of Aquinas on the Trinity: the generation of the Son from the Father in his De rationibus fidei. This, or something similar, must have been Frank Sheed’s source for his explanation of the Trinity in, I think, Theology and Sanity
  • Still busy for work with urgent stuff, so not as much reading today.

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