Cataloging today

I wrote this last night and forgot to post it.

Not much reading today, just a bit more in Fitzgerald’s Iliad.  I’ve spent my reading time setting up bookcases in the foyer and cataloging books with LibraryThing to fill the shelves: seventy-seven so far:  Eventually we’ll tag each one with its Library of Congress catalog number and get them all in order on the shelves.  For now, though, it’s just slam-bang catalog and shelve.

The kids had their second ancient literature class this afternoon.  They turned in their Gilgamesh essays (an A+ for each) and discussed that story, then began talking about the Iliad. From what I’ve heard so far, they need to read selected chapters while paying close attention to plot and characterization, and then produce an 8-paragraph essay due the second Friday in October.


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