Last last night I read Penelope Trunk’s essay on how today’s homeschooled kids will revolutionize education and employment.  The basic idea is that they’re embracing self-directed learning and lifelong education (broadly called “unschooling”) and with those habits they’ll change the world for the better.  She divides the population into the usual Generations X, Y and Z, and what she sees in these broad categories corresponds with what I know of them.  Our family is already living that future.  I’ve got her site open in a browser tab for further reading.

I signed up for google+ the other day and it’s not too bad so far.  There’s a balance to be found between posts from friends and posts from people who make it their job to post interesting things.

Later that evening… facebook’s new changes are appalling, and I’m about burned out reading all the hyperventilating cheerleaders in the competition between google+ and facebook.  Deleting my accounts in both and becoming a techno-hermit is sounding attractive.  Less acedia that way, too.


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