The rhythm of reading

I guess my reading has a rhythm: I glut on everything I can find for a week or so, then retreat into just one or two books.  Today’s reading:

  • Gardening with Herbs for Flavor and Fragrance by Helen Morgenthau Fox, the Dover reprint of the 1933 edition.  She’s one of the most delightful writers I’ve ever read, and she’s given me Ideas for plantings along the south side of the house: roses climbing the side of the porch with herbs below and, underneath, violets as a sort of living mulch.
  • I’m slogging through Book XV of the Iliad, with the gods bickering among themselves as usual.  Apollo has descended to help Hektor in the battle, so things may pick up a bit.
  • Last night before bed I began Ratzinger’s second homily on Genesis.  Nothing to report there yet; with Ratzinger I like to read, mark and inwardly digest first.

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