The Chesapeake’s guns

From Dickens’  magazine “All the Year Round”, number 139, December 21, 1861:

The names of the Chesapeake’s guns, too, are curious. On the main-deck were Brother Jonathan, True Blue, Yankee Protection, Putnam, Raging Eagle, Viper, General Warren, Mad Anthony, America, Washington, Liberty for Ever, Dreadnought, Defiance, Liberty or Death; on the forecastle were the United Tars, Jumping Billy, Battler; on the quarter-deck Bulldog, Spitfire, Nancy Dawson, Redcap, Bunker’s Hill, Pocohontas, Towser, and Wilful Murder, each name engraved on a square plate of copper, and fastened on the gun-carriages. It would have been well for the Chesapeake if her guns had answered better to their names, and carried their metal a little more steadily and truly.

Sir Walter Scott named the guns on one side of the ship in his Edinburgh Annual Register for 1813, and filed the list under “Yankee Wit”.

In other reading, Hepzibah Pyncheon has opened her cent shop.  What’s amazing is that she just up and opened it—no government permits or licenses, no health department inspections, no registering as a business with the Feds so they can steal her money for her own good.  What a strange country she lived in.


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