Trojan War propaganda

Just had a great hour-long conversation with the 2 older kids about the characters in the Iliad and how Homer goes against the traditions of war propaganda to recognize nobility in enemy characters (the Trojans) and evil in the characters on the side of him and his listeners (the Greeks). If the kids have enough time, I’m hoping they can come up with some modern propaganda-style posters for the Trojan War, illustrating how a Greek propagandist might lie about Priam and Hektor to portray them as evil, or how a Trojan propagandist might play up the bad sides of Odysseus or Akhilleus or Agamemnon.

What’s amazing is how Homer gave us such perfectly-realized human characters and relationships. The kids are excited and we could easily go on about them all day.

Speaking of which, here are some garish WW2 propaganda posters.  I wonder who will write the Iliad of our “war against terror”?


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