The consummate writer, the brilliant friend

This human life

Ian McEwan gives us an account of the final days of Christopher Hitchens, “the consummate writer, the brilliant friend”.

Jeff Culbreath gives us John Henry Newman on the virtues of a gentleman. These qualities are commonplaces in the little farm towns of central Illinois.

Benedictine abbess Hildegard of Bingen will be named a doctor of the Church; here’s a bibliography.


Kathy Shaidle reviews John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film Seconds.


Hilary White takes a look at nihilist architecture and gives us the Adam Smith Institute and Roger Scruton on the same.


George Orwell examines the perversions of Salvador Dali.

Edward Gibbon shares his method of studying Latin and Greek, via the Laudator.


Soviet Moscow in the 1970s and 1980s.


Here’s how to link to a particular moment in a youtube video. In a nutshell, append #t=7m14s to the url to start the video at 7 minutes 14 seconds.

The poor of Jesus Christ

Hilaire Belloc has words for government food banks that give poor food to poor people:

Almighty God, whose justice like a sun
Shall coruscate along the floors of Heaven,
Raising what’s low, perfecting what’s undone,
Breaking the proud and making odd things even.
The poor of Jesus Christ along the street
In your rain sodden, in your snows unshod,
They have nor hearth, nor sword, nor human meat,
Nor even the bread of men : Almighty God.

The poor of Jesus Christ whom no man hears
Have waited on your vengeance much too long.
Wipe out not tears but blood : our eyes bleed tears.
Come, smite our damned sophistries so strong
That thy rude hammer battering this rude wrong
Ring down the abyss of twice ten thousand years.