A Medieval Homeschooling Guide (via Aliens in This World)

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Well, there's tons of interesting ancient, patristic, and medieval books about educating kids, if you look around. But this one was written by the Dominican friar Vincent of Beauvais, for Queen Margaret, the wife of St. Louis IX, King of France. Translated by that indefatigable translator of great untranslated medieval works, Priscilla Throop, it's The Education of Noble Children! Available in paperback from Lulu. … Read More

via Aliens in This World


What’s the Latin word for gobsmacked?

This is absolutely astounding. Caesar Baronius, an Italian Cardinal who died in 1607, was the Vatican librarian for a good long while, and from sources he found there he assembled a year-by-year 38-volume history of the Church up through 1198. Of course, this being the Age of Miracles redux, it’s all online in beautifully-typeset volumes at archive.org.